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danblu3 reviews Smash T.V. (X360)

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danblu3 said...

Ahhh smash tv... "Good luck, you'll need it!" one of the best games to ever grace the SNES i believe, if my history is wrong you may correct me, but this game when i found it on Smash T.V. i just had to buy it... i think my card burned from how fast i ripped it form my wallet and as soon as it was downloaded i stuck it on play and enjoyed all my old memories flooding back like a waterfall. Many happy family memories came back as well and the port was very well done with the controller acting to every push i did.

And yes, the difficulty is still fuck off difficult!

Game Traits applied to Smash T.V. (X360) by danblu3

  • The Setting:
    Futuristic Game Show
  • Playing As:
    Red Dude
  • Playing Against:
    Varied enemies
  • How it's Played:
    Top down Shooter, shoot 'em up
  • General Tone:
    dark humor
Smash T.V.

Smash T.V. (X360)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Fixed Screen Shooter
Release Date: 22/NOV/05
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